Famous French wine magazine La Revue des Vins de France interviewed, back in June this year, owner Jean Guyon about the success of his story and the world-wide reputation of his wines.

RVF: Back to Haut Condissas. This property is your pride ?

JG : Indeed. I acquired it in 1995, it was five hectares big then, so I isolated one and started working on it like a garden. It was when everyone was talking about “garage wine”. Its success was incredible right away, so I started comparing my wine with some of the Grands Crus Classés and I thought he was doing pretty well Then there was the European Grand Jury at the end of the 90’s. Wines were tasted blind by a panel of recognized experts and I came out seventh, in front of some very great estates. So I figured out we were on the right path

La Revue du Vin de France – Juin 2018