• The soils

    Fundamental elements in the quality of the wines of the “Domaines Rollan de By – Jean Guyon”: the particular soils of the hamlet of By.

  • The flowering

    Flowering for our Cabernets and Merlots!

    The weather conditions are right for a good pollination (no sudden temperature differences, the wind allows the flower caps to fall)

  • Le Chateau Haut Condissas 2010 at its prime

    The launch of the Opus 3 of the Tour Eiffel Saint-Honoré watch took place at the prestigious Jules Vernes restaurant (Alain Ducasse Group) on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower.

    On this occasion journalists and VIPs tasted the 2010 vintage of Chateau Haut Condissas. A red wine connoisseur and lover, actor Bruno Solo acknowledged being seduced by the “great quality and length on the palate” of this prestigious cuvée.

  • Vintage 2015

    Many thanks to Yves Beck, one of Bordeaux’s most influential critics, for tasting our wines Chateau Rollan de By 2015 & Chateau Greysac 2015

  • La Tour des cartes

    During diner, Chateau Haut Condissas 2008 perfectly accompanied an Angus beef steak. This vintage, which has never stopped receiving compliments from guests, was personally chosen by Jean Guyon for its dense, balanced character and length.

    The thirteen winners left with an imperial Rollan de By presented by Jean Guyon.